On the 14th April we went back to Uganda to conduct a 3-week planning trip and we want you to be part of our journey.

We have been providing daily video updates so you can see this exciting project unfold. As our community we need you to ask us questions, post comments on our blog, join our fan page, give us your advice, write about us, tweet, post our stories on your facebook page and spread the love to make this really happen.

Child’s i Foundation is a charity and worldwide community aiming to build a home for abandoned babies in Uganda.

Link: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-Bw4MG7nXZA

In this video Lucy Buck (Child’s i Foundation Founder and Project Director) tells us why she set up the charity and how, as a community, we intend to succeed in our ambitions.

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Set up a fundraising page with Justgiving and help us to raise money

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Find out more about how you could get involved

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Why we are not an orphanage.

The term “orphanage” might be a good way to pull in money but we would rather describe ourselves as ‘short-term transitional home’. We will provide specialist care to safeguard the lives of infants whose might otherwise be at terrible risk. Ultimately, our aim is for early rehabilitation …

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Child’s i Foundation partners with Hope for Children.

One critical success factor in our plan has been to partner up with an established charity who have a proven track record of working with children specifically in Uganda. We are very lucky to have now formed a partnership with Hope for Children.

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Matthew d’Ancona, editor of The Spectator, talks to us about becoming our Child’s i Foundation patron.

Matthew also gave us more background on his interest and belief in the digital revolution, which forms the foundation of our project, and how it is changing the world as we speak.

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Deborah Meadon gives us the nod to launch our site.

Lucy posed the question to Dragons’ Den Deborah Meadon: Should we launch Child’s i Foundation to the world without an online donation mechanism?

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The Home

65 wonderful students from the University of Bath Department of Architecture spent a term working on designs for the Home. Find them here on Flickr:

Designs for the Babies' Home

Designs for the Babies' Home

Read the blog post: The kindness of architects

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As we build the babies’ home, we will update our supporters with blog posts, photos and videos so everyone knows exactly where there money raised is going and who it is going to.

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